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i-Team began in 1999; we provide recruitment service to reputable organizations in Greater China and have built up a well-established connection showing excellent business results. Our customers are from different industries, from small sized local companies, start-up to RHQ. You may note that we tend to specialize in the Hi-Tech industry, but we through word of mouth have been recommended to non-IT clients.

Unlike the others, we work closely on clients with a coaching & consulting attitude, including on-site HR support, HR general inquiries, Project Management, Office infrastructure set-up services. We provide cost effective services and guidance to customers using our best HR practices in C&B, Recruitment, Training and compliance, with a wide range of HR functions all put in one place.

Knowledge Transfer is also one of our HR service package provided. In most cases, we provide it free to contracted clients.

Our Services

There are a lot of good recruiters out there, but ours was by far at the forefront of new markets. Since establishment from 1999, we adhered to our philosophy of doing business in innovative way, we challenge the norm by thinking radically and acting creatively; we make the difference by finding new things to do and better ways to do them. We encourage a culture of breakthrough thinking because success depends on our ability to push the boundaries, find smarter VAS, and better HR solutions - faster. We are open and prompt to act upon feedback

i-Team has a slogan -> "We Search and We Serve”.

The meaning is simple - to help our client to find the "Best Candidate" for work, at the same time to help candidate to find their "Best Employer" to work for. To service with quality, efficiency and cost effectiveness to all.

In an industry that moves at lightning speed, getting high-caliber talents is critical to client's success. Even though we have business on hand, we still need good people to run it and put it fast track to success.

Helping our clients succeed and grow their businesses with the best experience, insight, professional support is central to our mission. i-Team is competent to find the best.... the best people, for the right jobs, at the right time. Work fast and is Cost effective.

We have 3 most important values to do our job and run the business, they are

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