Privacy Statement

Again, confidentiality is one of the big concerns with the candidates and the clients. The candidates are sensitive to their current job, and are extremely serious if their current employers know that they are looking external opportunities. Therefore, we place a particular emphasis on confidentiality.

We collect, use and retain their personal information in accordance with the standard of personal data privacy protection. We may ask you to provide certain personal information about yourself, for example, your name, age, working experience, academic, interests, e-mail address, contact details, and/or Hong Kong Identification or passport number. We will use this information for the purposes of processing or providing you with potential job opportunities. We guarantee that the candidates' profiles will not be released without the agreement from the candidates. We will take the lead to ensure the whole process of the recruitment undergoing in an utmost and strict confidential manner.

For employers' perspective, we further make commitment to our clients that at our best knowledge for protecting all their business confidentiality.

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