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Reach For The Star, Target Only The Best

Efficient and Cost effective

Nowadays, getting high-caliber talents fast is critical to client's success. We uphold this value throughout our delivery of recruitment services, and we commit to do fast and cost effective. We help clients to reduce their HR costs and generate good results on ROI.

One to One Account Support Service Model

We are serving our customers basing on relationship account management principle. A designated Account Consultant acts as your internal HR manager to help make sure that the appropriate resources are engaged on your issues. Our Account Consultant facilitates the prompt delivery of services and will work with you over the phone and on-site to help make sure that your requirements are being met.


No matter so small the assignment is, so small amount of fee is charged, or is working out of normal working hours, we still keep our momentum that stay tuned with our best efforts to fulfill our assignments.

Caring and Sharing

We will not forward a bundle of garbages to our clients. We recognize the important of having a good candidate pool that makes our clients success. We will share with clients for EEO, total rewards to attract, retain and care about the hirers. HR knowledge transfer is provided free of charge to contracted clients.

Service Coverage

We tried to put our focus in the Hi-Tech industry, but we through word of mouth have been recommended to non-IT clients. However, it does not affect our quality of services, because we are working on account relationship model:



Positions covered

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