Interim HR

What is Interim HR?

t is a HR expertise support for transition purpose, and we enhance it into a recruiting solution. Interim HR can work on project, part-time, contract to permanent. The Interim HR will work together with client, and report to client’s management. Their mission is to support client’s immediate needs for turnaround, to ensure HR works are smooth in place. Clients feel free to cease, extend or direct hire the Interim HR if they think fit.

Nowadays, it is common for companies’ re-structuring, M&A, to international, or change in stature, etc.  CEOs may look for HR expertise to assist through the change process. In a recruiting situation, for example, due to a vacancy or long-term absence you need to do the work and replacement is not yet on-board. Or, by the time of report duty, your expected hirer turns down your offer, or he or she doesn’t show up led to your work chaos. Then, the demand of Interim HR is evoked.

Scope of Work

Benefits of using Interim HR

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